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JJ Hardy traded to Baltimore

December 9, 2010

According to Scott Miller of; the Twins and Orioles have agreed to a deal that will send JJ Hardy and Brendan Harris to the Orioles for minor league pitchers Brett Jacobson and Jim Hoey.  Jacobson and Hoey are both are hard throwing right handers that have a fastball around 95 MPH.  Jacobson is said to top off at 98 MPH from time to time.  The deal has not been announced yet but should once the Rule 5 Draft is over this afternoon.

Obviously neither will be making an impact in 2011, most likely it will be late 2012 or even early 2013 that we see either of them in the Major Leagues.  In my eyes, this looks like a pure salary dump by the Twins.  Something I am definately not happy about.  You are now stuck with an inexperienced middle infield that has a lot of questions.  Not to mention, the Twins have not even signed Tsuyoshi Nishioka yet.  If Nishioka does sign (which they are reportedly close to doing), the Twins will send Casilla and him onto the field opening day.  During the season, the Twins will be one injury away from having to us Tolbert/Plouffee/Hughes as their backup plan instead of having Casilla at the super utility spot (where he belongs IMO). 

I will hold out judgement on this trade until I see what the Twins do with this money.  They have now free’d up $8 million-$9 million by trading Hardy and Harris.  I am guessing that this is an attempt to clear some money and bring back Carl Pavano.  The Twins are reportedly the front-runner to retain Pavano’s services, the Brewers are apparently a close second as they had meetings with Pavano and his agent during the MLB Winter Meetings in Orlando. 

If this was a salary dump for Pavano, look at it this way…….the Twins traded one of the best defensive shortstops in the game with above average hitting when healthy so they can overpay in money and years for an aging ground ball pitcher.  Does that make you comfortable?  I know it doesn’t for me.  The only thing that makes me hold out hope on this one is that perhaps the Twins are trying to acquire some power arms to insert into a deal for Zack Greinke.  There is about a 1% chance of that being the case, but we can all dream right?  Chances are it is really just the Twins freeing up money to sign a couple of “projects” in the bullpen.  Gross.

Video of Jim Hoey:

Video of Brett Jacobson:

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