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Twins offer arbitration to Pavano, Hudson and Crain

November 23, 2010

The Twins offered salary arbitration to free agents Carl Pavano (Type A), Orlando Hudson (Type B) and Jesse Crain (Type B) and decided not to offer arbitration to Matt Guerrier (Type A), Brian Fuentes (Type B) and Jon Rauch (Type B),

Hudson, Crain and Pavano have until Nov. 30 to decide whether to accept arbitration, which would keep them on a one-year contract determined by a judge in arbitration court.  Of course, the Twins can exclusivly negotiate with them on a one year contract before they go to arbitration.

The Hudson decision baffles me.  From all reports, the Twins were prepared to let Hudson walk this year.  There is a very good chance that Hudson could decline as he would be the top 2B choice on the market.  If he does accept, it might spell the end of JJ Hardy in a Twins uniform as the Twins would most likely non tender him.  It is entirely possible that the Twins could go with Hardy and Hudson again in 2011 but it is highly unlikely.

I would much rather let Hudson walk, plug Casilla in at 2B and keep Hardy at SS.  Of course my stance on that could change in the Twins win the bidding for Nishioka (something we have been waiting for word on since 4:00 pm today).  It seems like the Twins are content on giving Casilla his shot at either SS or 2B this year.

The decision to not offer arbitration to Rauch also suprises me.  I am not dissapointed with the decision though.  I have said all along that this is going to be a very intersting offseason, as tonight proved.  It will be intersting to see what happens going forward.

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