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Update on Greinke trade rumors

November 19, 2010

Joel Sherman of the New York Post has put an update online of the Zack Greinke trade rumors today.  Here is a link to the article as it has more than just that in it (link), it will be interesting to see what happens this offseason with Greinke.  Obviously the Royals will wait until after Cliff Lee signs because after that the market is incredibly thin.  Below is what Sherman wrote today:

There is a real split on whether or not Royals ace Zack Greinke will get traded.

Those who believe the Royals will move him think now is the best time, not only because Greinke is two years from free agency and unlikely to stay with Kansas City long-term, but because the falloff from Cliff Lee to the next-best available starter is gigantic this offseason, meaning Greinke’s value is at a peak.

Those who do not expect the Royals to deal the righty think that the organization is not emotionally to alienating their fan base by giving up their best player. But an AL executive brought up two interesting reasons why he thinks Greinke will be traded:

1) He said the success of the Giants pitching in the postseason, Lee’s impact on Texas and the impact of Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt on the Phillies have reinforced to contenders the value of ace-level pitching, and that will motivate big bids the Royals cannot ignore.

2) The Royals, in the words of the executive, are “spooked” by what happened to David DeJesus . They had a deal worked out with the Rays as the trade deadline approached last season, but on July 23, DeJesus tore tendons in his right thumb and the deal had to be scratched. “They can’t afford Greinke to have a mental relapse or a physical issue and his value to go to zero,” the executive said. Greinke has a well-documented battle with anxiety in his past.

Make sure you head over to Shermans page for more offseason updates.

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