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Friday videos: Remembering the 163 finish

November 19, 2010

For those of you that were at the Twins/Tigers one game playoff two years ago as I was; watching these videos will send chills down your spine.  I am too young to vividly remember the ’87 and ’91 World Series, this was by far the greatest sporting event I have ever attended in my life.

I often find myself watching YouTube videos from that game just to remember the extreme excitement and deafening noise that filled the Metrodome when Alexi Casilla knocked in Carlos Gomez to win the 2009 American League Central Division Championship.  Enjoy these videos, if you come across any good ones I missed, please feel free to share the links in the comments section.  I can also post them on here if you want to email me at  Thanks and enjoy!

Casilla’s game winning hit:

Another video of Casilla’s game winning hit:

Over 54,000 Twins fans singing “Don’t Stop Believing”

Video of the game winning hit from the upper deck in Right/Center field:

This one titled “Crazy Metrodome Celebration” pretty much sums up what it was like in there for about 15 minutes after the Twins won the game:

In this video of the game winning hit you have to fast forward to about the 2:39 mark

This video you will have to fast forward to about the :40 mark

One final video, gotta love the guys reaction after the Twins win

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